What are the three Rs of influence?

Reach, Resonance, Relevance

What are the three Rs of influence?

As a marketer, getting your product or service in front of people is difficult and time-consuming. Email marketing can be effective but there are limitations as to who you can send emails to. Social media is good for engagement but historically has not been good at driving sales (unlike influencer marketing) because of algorithms. Influencer marketing has filled an important role by helping marketers gain exposure and grow their audience.

Influencer marketing is the new way of reaching consumers. Marketers no longer dominate the conversation, nor do they hold all the knowledge to get a message across. Consumers trust third-party influencers over brands to recommend products and services. Some marketers have suggested the three Rs of Influencer Marketing that sum up the whole process and make your campaign a success. 

The three Rs of influence are:

Reach: How many people can you reach?

Resonance: How deeply will you connect with them?

Relevance: What do you have to offer them?

When it comes to influencing, reach is the obvious first step. If you want to be heard by a lot of people, then you need to find ways to make your message accessible and interesting to as many people as possible. Reach includes the size of your audience, your distribution channels and the extent of your reach. It's all about expanding the network of people who are aware of you and what you do.

But reach is only half the battle — it’s not enough to just have a large audience. You also need resonance, which refers to how deeply someone feels connected with your message. It tells you of the impact you have on someone or something else. It means that your message should be heard. It should be understood. It should have an impact on others. This connection can be strong or weak depending on how much they care about what you have to say, but ultimately it’s what will determine whether or not they spread your message further.

The third R — relevance — refers to what value you provide for others based on their needs and interests. It’s about being real, credible, tangible and meaningful to others. It's about being relevant to the others in your network, rather than always trying to sell them something. It’s about providing a solution or service that meets their needs in some way; it’s about being useful rather than interesting or entertaining.

Relevance is critical because it helps ensure that your message reaches its target audience and resonates with them as well as conveys exactly what you mean to say. 

So now that you have learned about the three Rs of influence, the next step is to find an Influencer who fits your company and product. This can be hard if you do not know where to look first. Celebfarm can help you to find people talking about the campaigns you are working on or competitors in your niche. You can use some amazing tools provided to see what is trending, and what people are tweeting, pinning, or sharing on Facebook to get a better idea of what they are interested in and how they can help you achieve your goals.

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